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Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker


Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker Price

Brand : Sonos
Product : Portable Audio & Video
Category : Electronics

Price as of : Price as of 01/08/2017 MDT
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Price : $699.00

Warrantry :

1 year coverage for parts
Availability : Usually ships in 24 hours

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar  Wireless

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar Wireless Features >>>>

  • Complements HD television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers.

    Wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too.
  • Syncs wirelessly with other Sonos speakers so you can listen to TV or music in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Pair with two PLAY:1s and a SUB for a 5.1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience.
  • Simple two-cord setup.

    One for power and one for the TV.

    Control from your existing TV remote, or wirelessly connect on the Sonos app from your smart device.
  • Enhances speech for extra clarity.

    Turn on night sound to enhance quiet sounds at lower volumes and reduce the intensity of loud sounds.


Wirelessly Streams All The Music On Earth.


To Set Up, Control And Expand.

Understands And Speaks Most

IR Remotes Language Can Be Controlled By Free Apps For Your Android, IPhone Or IPad.

Plays All Sources Plugged In To Your HDTV

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